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It's amazing what gluten will do with someone with Celiac disease!

Mara Alexander is the Founder of GlutenFreeWorld TV©, a website dedicated to providing worldwide encouragement to those who have Celiac or on gluten-free diets. Her website has attracted thousands of visitors due to her travel video logs, free recipes, interviews, and beautiful pictures of her food adventures. She has garnered the attention of many around the world as she seeks to provide support to those who are on gluten-free diets.

Mara is a Board Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Health Consultant and Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. In early 2012, her advocacy work via her website www.glutenfreeworld.tv landed her a nomination as as the “Top 40 under 40” and “2012 Young Executive of the Year” for the 2012 Annual Foggy Awards, an honor given to those who shed light on the gluten-free community. Due to her ambassadorship in the wellness field, in mid-2012, she was asked to join the “Health Champs” wellness advisory board at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LA, which serves over 1.6 million Louisianans. She is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Creative Control Films, a digital cinema production company specializing in online distribution.

She resides in the deep south of the U.S. with her husband Kevin.

A Note from Mara Alexander, the Creator of GlutenFreeWorld.tv

From the time I was a small child, I have struggled with severe GI problems that could be debilitating at times. There were times when most kids were playing, I was at the doctor’s office or at the hospital due to health reasons. I missed so much school due to my health problems; I actually missed the last month of my freshman year in high school.

My quest for good health was kicked into high-gear in my mid-twenties after I went to 12 different specialists with an attempt to solve my health problems; I finally discovered a persistent doctor that found everything happening in my body was a result of an autoimmune disease called Celiac and a lifelong gluten-free diet could alleviate many of the symptoms that I was having. I am moved when I encounter those that have had to go through similar trials as me. I believe that there is a reason that I have had to go through these struggles and it is so that I can encourage people who are going through the same issues. I hope that you find my web site GlutenFreeWorld TV both entertaining and inspirational.


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Kevin Alexander  was diagnosed with PKU(Phenylketonuria) as an infant; he has faced many obstacles because he is on a medical diet which consists of low-protein food. He has 15 years of experience as a videographer, and over 8 years of experience in the broadcast journalism arena. He is a gifted videographer, writer, speaker, and musician. Kevin and Mara enjoy writing, producing, filming, and editing their own short films and documentaries.
Until 2011 Kevin did not have much contact with other PKU patients. Since the release of his short documentary My PKU Life on YouTube, Kevin has now connected with thousands of PKU patients and family members around the globe. He has since begun work on a feature length documentary on PKU with a currently unscheduled release date. He has traveled the world using his gift of filmmaking to promote various causes, but has found the most satisfaction in building a community where PKU patients around the globe can receive the support they desperately need.  You can view his short documentary by clicking the link below.