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Kathy Smart

Kathy Smart is “North America’s Gluten-free Expert.”   She is a Best Selling Cookbook Author and TV Show Host; she has been featured the Dr Oz Show, Rogers TV, CTV, CBC Television, and she’s been the speaker at countless conferences and seminars.  She is the Founder of Live the Smart Way, a website with recipes and gluten-free advice, and she has recently started a new project called the Gluten-Free Store.  Recently I had the opportunity to catch-up with Kathy to do an interview…

Mara: Can you tell me a little bit about your newest project Gluten-Free Store?

Kathy: The Gluten Free Smart Store is an online one stop shop for people looking for new and innovative gluten free products. GlutenFreeSmartStore.com is committed to providing accessibility to healthy gluten-free choices. We source the highest quality, most nutritious gluten-free products available, directly from the best food producers and artisans. GlutenFreeSmartStore.com was created by the (gluten intolerant) founders of Live the Smart WayAllergic Solution and GlutenFreeFind.com.  In addition to being gluten-free, many of the products we source are manufactured in 100% dedicated gluten-free facilities, certified gluten-free, and are free of other common allergens such as nuts, dairy, eggs, etc.  It is a gluten-free resource and community setting where you’ll discover links to healthy recipes, health tips, giveaways, promotions and much more. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Mara: What was the catalyst for starting the project?

Kathy: The catalyst was after I would present around the world and I would talk about the benefits of certain gluten- free items, many would ask me..” Where can I buy this?” I joined forces with 2 other gluten free powerhouses that shared the same vision. We wanted to provide a location that others could buy gluten free products- easily and affordable. So Lisa Cantkier gluten free expert and writer from Gluten Free Find and Tammie Sarra CEO and gluten free powerhouse from Allergic Solutions joined forces to create the Gluten Free Smart Store!

Mara: What was your journey like on getting diagnosed with Celiac?

Kathy: My personal journey started out very young as I was a sick child who had constant stomach pains, digestive issues and severe anxiety. My mother took me to a Naturopathic Doctor when I was 12 years old and Dr. Don Warren discovered that the root of all my health problems was celiac disease. This was at time when celiac disease was not commonly diagnosed and finding gluten free products quite an adventure.

Mara: Was that scary and what did you do when you found out?

Kathy: Not at all! It was actually quite a relief to both my parents and I to discover the reason I had been so ill.

Mara: What were the symptoms were you experiencing?

Kathy: The symptoms that I was experiencing was low iron, low energy, frequent colds and flus, severe anxiety, sever stomach discomfort and digestive issues.

Mara: What was the best moment in the midst of the difficult diagnosis?

Kathy: The best moment was the realization that if I changed what I ate, I could change my life!

Mara: What’s been the best or easiest thing about your household going gluten free?

Kathy: The best thing about going gluten free for my household was discovering new recipes, foods and eating as close to nature as possible. It was a changed relationship between food and how I felt!

Mara: Do you have any advice for other families that have just been diagnosed with celiac or are thinking about a gluten free lifestyle?

Kathy: My advice would be to keep it as simple as possible. Just Eat Real Food. Fresh meats, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fruits and seeds are all naturally gluten free and delicious!

Mara: Tell me a bit about your cookbook Live the Smart Way.

Kathy: Live The Smart Way is a cookbook that combines gluten free, healthy food and makes it gourmet! It is a best selling cookbook that is filled with delicious, low glycemic gluten free recipes that has been designed by nutritionists for maximum nutrition and taste approved by chefs!

Mara: What are your future plans for using your vast knowledge of Celiac—do you have another website, a health practice, any future plans for a cookbook or another book coming out?

Kathy: My plans are to continue doing TV Shows with gluten free cooking segments, traveling the world motivating and educating others on healthy gluten free living, a gluten free healthy food line, a new cookbook and I has designed a course for people new to the gluten free lifestyle that want to learn to ‘ Live The Smart Way!’

Mara: What is traveling like for you?

Kathy: FUN! I LOVE traveling and meeting new gluten free people across the globe and teaching them the basics and how gluten free can be healthy and delicious.

Mara: How much planning is involved?

Kathy: A lot of planning! I am very blessed to have a strong Smart Team behind me!:)

Mara: Where can followers of GlutenFreeWorld.tv [1] connect with you?

Kathy:  They can connect with me by seeing if I am coming to a city near them at www.LiveTheSmartWay.com.  Twitter at Smart_Kitchen and GFreeSmartStore, Facebook at Live The Smart Way and Gluten Free Smart Store

Mara:  Anything else that you’d like to tell my audience?

Kathy:  To really not see being gluten intolerant or celiac as a sad thing, but to see it as an opportunity that if they want, they can change their life if they change what they eat too!!

Mara Alexander is the Founder of GlutenFreeWorld TV©, a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Health Consultant and a Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. She can be emailed at mara@glutenfreeworld.tv


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