5 Ways the World’s Largest Nutrition School Enhanced My Career and Changed My Life


Mara Alexander with diploma from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Mara Alexander with diploma from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

5 Ways the World’s Largest Nutrition School Enhanced My Career and Changed My Life

by Mara Alexander

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for over a decade now, and if there is one thing that I’ve learned it’s that we need more people that are an authority on true wellness. There is so much misinformation out there on what it means to be healthy. Not only that, but where is the personal responsibility anymore for making sure that your first line of defense is to take care of your own body? I’m the first to admit that many years ago, I thought I was treating my body right, but in all actuality, I was doing quite the opposite. In 2007, I was the sickest that I had ever been in my life. I honestly believed at that point that I was dying. It took going to 12 doctors before I found out that I had an autoimmune disease called Celiac. After changing to a gluten-free and active lifestyle, it changed my life.

It's amazing what gluten will do with someone with Celiac disease!

It’s amazing what gluten will do with someone with Celiac disease!

In 2011, a colleague of mine named Julie told me about a health coaching program that she completed via distance learning online through a school called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her enthusiasm enthralled me. I could not imagine a school that had the potential to change someone’s life like that. She was already a Registered Dietician, so what made her hungry for more knowledge in the wellness field? She wanted more depth. She wanted to understand the politics behind food, the psyche behind a person’s cravings, and the need to help those who wanted to be helped. At the time, I had already been working in a wellness and marketing capacity in my job, but I too wanted more. So, in late 2011, I enrolled in the online program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach and graduated 12 months later.

So, what exactly is a “Health Coach”? And no it’s not a personal trainer (although some trainers do also become Health Coaches). Health Coaches aren’t the ones physically helping to spot you bench-press 200 lbs, but rather Health Coaches are a wellness authority and someone that you can depend on to help you make good choices on your road to health. Health Coaches sometimes call themselves Health Counselors or Life Coaches.

After 12 months of going through the Health Coach Training Program and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I can truly say that it is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. And there are numerous ways that the World’s Largest Nutrition School has enhanced my career and changed my life:

1. Having a new certification and a few extra letters after your name really does give you extra credibility. I’m not saying that’s why I enrolled in the school, but it is definitely nice to have a certification. The school is incredible because I could work at my own pace and in my own timing. Sure, there are deadlines and tests, but it is online and I could log in when I wanted to and at my own pacing.

2. A very heavy focus of the program is on the aspect of marketing. When most dieticians and nutritionists graduate from a 2-yr or 4-yr college, one of the first questions they ask is “Now what?” The school has a wide range of lectures on everything from Marketing 101 to very focused marketing lectures on how to publish a book. I’ve been in the marketing world for nearly 11 years, and this aspect of the program was my favorite; not because I know everything about marketing, but because I know that I don’t. Learning how to properly market myself has done wonders for my career. (I also loved the fact that included in my tuition was an iPad pre-loaded with all my lectures!)

Included in my tuition was an iPad pre-loaded with 12 months of lectures!

Included in my tuition was an iPad pre-loaded with 12 months of lectures!

3. I thought I was going into the program to primarily learn about nutrition, but the program actually taught me about myself. Of course, I learned how to help other people with balancing their lives, but in the process of learning, it changed me. Look at your life as one big circle; now split up that circle into smaller slices like your career, eating habits, exercise, relationships and your spirituality. A Health Coach takes into consideration all “slices” of your life and helps you to become a more balanced individual. And I am learning to apply what I learned to my own life. I am continuously learning how to take the root of my deepest fears, and use it to purge myself into a stronger person.

4. And a real accomplishment: everyone who completes the program clocks 761 hours in a 12-month period; soaking in information that that will help them for the rest of their lives….Nutrition Concepts, Modern Health Issues, Health Coaching, Good Marketing Practices, & Healthy Eating and Living.

5. Health Coaches not only receive training to provide wellness education and support, but they also have the satisfaction of having a diploma from the world’s largest nutrition school located in NYC.

If you would like to get more information about the school, please email ambassadors@integrativenutrition.com and cc in mara@glutenfreeworld.tv. Blair will send you a school catalog and can help walk you through any questions. Let Blair know that Mara Alexander sent you to her. If you want a sneak peek of the program, you can also click HERE.

Mara Alexander is the Founder of GlutenFreeWorld TV©, a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Health Consultant and a Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. She can be emailed at mara@glutenfreeworld.tv

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