Sherwood Valley Juice Smoothie Packets

If you are an athlete or like to have a smoothie on-the-go, there’s a new company Sherwood Valley Juice Company that is worth checking out.  They have 4 flavors of instant fruit smoothie packets that are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, and as an added bonus it is 100% plant-based whole food.  Many people, like myself, struggle with multiple food allergies and sensitivities.  So it’s a relief that many companies are starting to take a multitude of food allergies into consideration when formulating their products!

Here are the things that I really like about these smoothie packets:

1)  They are totally portable and convenient.  Very conducive for bringing on a bike ride to mix with water.

2) They taste very good!  My favorite is the Cascade Berry Bliss because, well, it just is.  The texture is smooth, unlike a lot of grainy smoothie mixes that I’ve had before.

3) Simple ingredients.  No fluff.  Just real fruits and veggies.

4) The main dude at Sherwood Valley Juice, David Cascadden, is completely open to hearing what his customers have to say. I have had two phone calls with David asking him about where each of his ingredients come from.  He recently sent me proof that his oats meet the current gluten-free definition via the ELISA lab test (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay).  The results of the oats came back as 3ppm (parts per million).  See below for photo.

If you’d like to get more information on where to find these smoothie mixes, you can order them online at or visit the several locations listed on their website! When you order, let David know that Mara from GlutenFreeWorld TV sent you;)

XOXO, Mara




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  1. I want to thank Mara for taking the time to review our product and thank her for her commitment to nutritional health. Keep up the great work. Thank You. David.

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