Oldest Restaurant in America: Union Oyster House


The Union Oyster House in Boston,MA is the oldest continuously running restaurant in the United States and also the oldest one in Boston. Upon entering, it had the feel of a very old tavern with its low ceilings and loud hustle and bustle of patrons. The lighting was dim and the booths were simple. Historical photographs and miniature sailing ships adorns the walls.
In all honesty, I knew with all my crazy food sensitives and allergies that it might be a problem for me to eat there. However I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to just hang out at the oldest continuously running restaurant in the U.S. Upon entering, I asked if they could accommodate a gluten-free diet; at this point I didn’t want to mention that in addition to my gluten issues that I also had a seafood and fish allergy. I knew it might be a problem once the seating hostess answered, “A what kind of diet? What’s that?” I knew it was a possibility that I might not eat, but rather I might only sit and watch my vegetarian husband eat coleslaw and fries. However, after being seated, I explained my allergies to the waitress, and she answered in a very thick Brooklyn accent, “Don’t worry honey, I gotcha covered.” I’m not a big red meat eater, but she said she could do a hamburger patty for me and really it was the only option viable protein option that she could offer; so I accepted her offer. She was already extremely knowledgeable about cross-contact, so she was able to get the chef to clean the grill for me and cook me a plain hamburger patty. I also got a beautiful salad plate with mixed greens and veggies. To play it safe, I elected to use their oil and balsamic vinegar tray for my dressing. All in all, it was a good experience and brought back memories of when I was first diagnosed with Celiac in 2007 and the only option I had at a restaurant was a piece of chicken on a bed of greens. I was really craving Boston Creme pie, but alas no gluten-free option for it there. But I’m happy to say that I ate at the oldest restaurant in the US and I came out of the restaurant unscathed and “un-glutenized.”

If you’d like to stop by the Union Oyster House, you can find them at 41 Union Street in Boston; they are located right on the Freedom Trail. For a complete history of the restaurant from the 1600’s, visit their website at http://www.unionoysterhouse.com/Pages/history.html.

DISCLAIMER: Union Oyster House does not proclaim to have a gluten-free Menu.  This was only the experience of my eating there one time. Results of each person’s dining experience may vary, so please consult with a health care provider first and as always BE CAUTIOUS!

Happy Eatings! XOXO, Mara

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