Dear Bertucci’s…


Dear Bertucci’s,

Please come to the South!!  I know you are in 11 states in the North East, but we in the South need some love too!  When I was traveling in Massachusetts, I visited your quaint Lexington location.  I had never been to a Bertucci’s before. As I approached the restaurant, I immediately noticed the sign in the window that said “Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program,” a huge program spearheaded by Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.  After being seated, I informed the manager and my waitress of my Celiac, and I was excited that there was indeed a gluten-free menu available for me to order from. I ordered the Balsamic Chicken with mashed potatoes, and followed it up with a glorious desert of Chocolate Mousse.  The food was fantastic! I was very impressed with everything: the knowledgeable staff, well-prepared food and great atmosphere.  On behalf of all Celiacs and gluten-free folks in good ‘ol Southern USA, I’m asking that you please put some locations down here!

Yours truly,

Mara Alexander, Founder of GlutenFreeWorld TV

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  1. charlotte bishop says:

    YES! YES! I just moved to Chattanooga 2 years ago from the metro boston area and would love to see them in the south! Everytime I go back to visit Bertucci’s is my first stop. I MAY be needing to go gluten-free in the coming weeks….doctors are standing by….so this was great to see!

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