The Colonial Inn: A Historical Landmark

The Colonial Inn: A Historical Landmark

By Mara Alexander

Where in America can you go to an inn that was built in 1716 , have a spot of tea with a gluten-free BLT sandwich, and be just a stone’s throw away from the start of the American Revolutionary War?  The Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts fulfills all these requirements and more. During my day in Concord, I came into Merchant’s Row, one of the Inn’s restaurants, just to get a cup of hot tea.  The day was beautiful with sunny blue skies and weather in the 70 degree range, and the Inn looked so inviting with its hand-pleated, fanned American flags draped across the front.  Upon walking into the lobby, I was warmly greeted and invited to sit at a table by the window for a cup of afternoon tea. The restaurant was decorated in an 18th century colonial style with refined velveteen and brocade used throughout the dining area. After perusing their menu, I found written at the top, “All sandwiches can be made gluten-free on Udi’s sandwich bread.”  Delight scarcely describes the excitement I felt when reading this!  Before I could wake up from this seemingly wonderful dream, I quickly ordered a gluten-free BLT, gluten-free fries, and a large pot of hot peppermint tea.

After the waiter took my order, I began to dwell on the absolute necessity of historical landmarks like the Colonial Inn.  The beauty and history enclosed in this small inn is breathtaking, and the exposed beams and hardwood floors only add to its ambience.  As I sat waiting for my food to arrive, my brain was engulfed in thoughts of patriotism and the bravery of those men who fought for our freedom hundreds of years ago.  In 1775, one of the buildings of the Inn was used to store guns and supplies to aid the Minutemen soldiers during the eve of the first battle of the American Revolution.  The main part of the inn still has the beams and flooring from the original structure built in the early 1700’s, and amazingly the Inn has operated as a hotel continuously since 1889.  In the 1800’s, Henry David Thoreau lived in the Inn during the time he attended Harvard.  And since the 1988 purchase of the Inn by Mr. Jurgen Demisch, gentlemen hotelier from Germany, it has been transformed into a lovely hotel that captures the true history of the 18th century with all the modern conveniences that we have come to enjoy.

My thoughts finally returned to the present when I heard the sound of my waiter placing the rectangular ceramic plate of food onto the marble table. The BLT was warm and the aroma of freshly cooked bacon permeated my senses, while the hand-cut fries were cooked to a crispy perfection.  And of course, the hot tea only added to the colonial atmosphere. Eating such a filling meal and being in the quaint historical town of Concord made it all the more enjoyable.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit tiny Concord, Massachusetts, stay and dine at the Colonial Inn on 48 Monument Square. For reservations, call them toll-free at 888-367-7519.  Tell them that Mara from GlutenFreeWorld TV sent you, and that you want a seat by the window.

Happy Travels! XOXO, Mara

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  1. Gretchen Schlier says:

    Nice to know they are so accommodating these days. I waited tables there for two summers in the 70’s during college and I hear that the cuisine is now a bit more pricey and upscale…Like the rest of the town, it has changed with the times. It is a beautiful town and I feel very lucky to have grown up there…Worth the visit!

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