A Sweet Experience

The day I went to Sweet in downtown Boston off of School Street, it was windy and cold. Well, by my southern standards it was cold in the 35F range. Upon walking in, I noticed how charming and quaint it was; the air was filled with the scents of freshly baked cupcakes and sweets, and it felt reminiscent of a lovely 1940’s candy shop. The booths were a powder pink color and the large windows facing the street let in the sunshine and lit the shop with an effervescent quality. Honestly I had no idea upon entering if there was anything that I could eat there, but I was so drawn to the shop’s absolute adorable outward appearances and my curiosity was so peaked, that I felt I must walk in. I was delighted to find that they did indeed have a small selection of gluten-free baked goods. After my emotion of delight, I felt an emotion of concern since they had both regular and gluten-free goods in the same shop, so naturally I had some concerns about cross-contact. Luckily all their gluten-free goods are baked in a separate dedicated GF facility by Glutenus Minimus in Belmont, MA. I nabbed the last 2 gluten-free Chocolate Red Velvet Cupcakes, which were individually wrapped to avoid any evil gluten particles from getting into the bellies of any gluten sensitive persons such as yours truly. The cupcake melted in my mouth and was as glorious as the light coming in from the windows. I was wrapped up in delight at that moment. I would love to hug the baker that took the time to put all the love into that cupcake because it was amazing. All in all it was a very “sweet” experience.

When you find yourself walking the streets of downtown Boston, be sure to drop by Sweet on 11 School Street, or stop off at their 3 other locations. 617-227-CAKE is their downtown location number. Or go straight to the source at Glutenus Minimus at 697 Belmont Street in Belmont, MA 617-484-3550. Tell them that Mara at GlutenFreeWorld TV sent you and give them a hug.

Happy Travels….XOXO, Mara

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