Adventures with Rice Paper!

Recently, I made the decision to come out of my shell and try something new. On one of my road trips with my husband Kevin, we happened to wander into one of Pei Wei’s restaurants and noticed they had gluten-free Vietnamese rolls.  I thought, “What the heck, let me be brave and try this.”  That was the first time that I had ever tasted rice paper. Upon first hearing the term “rice paper,” it may conjure up images in your mind of elementary school art class.  But while eating the Vietnamese rolls, I can assure you that all that was coming to my brain was being enraptured with the exquisite taste of the Far East.  I began to stir up fantasy images of what it would be like to be transported back in time to some 10th century Eastern dynasty…minus all the war and lawlessness and stuff.  So, after getting back in my hometown, I visited my local Asian market and easily found some gluten-free rice paper for extremely inexpensive ($1.99 for approx 30 sheets).

When I pulled the rice paper out of the package, it was very flat. But upon exposure to any heat (even holding it near hot water) it began to warp.

So, to properly use the rice paper to make wraps, you should soak the rice paper in hot or warm water. It is a trial by error process, I discovered. The warmer the water is, the faster the paper is ready to be used.

It takes several tries to get the paper to fold correctly. You can stuff them with all types of beautiful veggies and dip it in your favorite sauces!


3 Responses to “Adventures with Rice Paper!”

  1. Vicky says:

    I was told you can bake these so they look fried for won-tons, but at what temp do we cook them at?

  2. gluten free says:

    we make these a lot at home. I found one package that you only use cold water. What they did was soak cloth in water and you place the wraps in between. We have also purchased the plastic plates that the Vietnamese use and you can stack so they stay flat and separate.This is one of my kids favorite meals

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