New P90x2 GLUTEN-FREE guide!

I’m so excited!! I heard it through the grapevine that the new workout program from P90x has a GLUTEN-FREE nutrition guide option in it!!  The new program is called P90x2.  I pre-ordered mine today so that I could make sure that I got it before 2012.  I can’t wait! I finished my first round of P90x last year and it got me in good shape. So, I’m really looking forward to getting this new P90x2 in. By pre-ordering, I’m getting free shipping, 2 free DVD’s, guaranteed to have it before Dec 25, and am entered into a sweepstakes to have Tony Horton himself deliver it to my door! If you are interested in learning more about P90x2 or you’d like to pre-order, go to P90x2 website at


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