Erewhon’s Strawberry Crisp Cereal

Ok my Celiac and gluten-free friends, this one is definitely my top pick of the week.  I’ve never been a really big fan of strawberry in my cereal.  However, I must admit that I squealed with delight like a 2 year old when I tried Erewhon’s Strawberry Crisp Cereal.  The taste made me reconnect with memories of those long-passed summers as a child when I used to play in the sprinklers to cool off, then afterward sit down on the grass with a large bowl of fresh strawberries topped with honey.  Good times. 

The less ingredients that I see in a cereal, the better I feel about it; especially if it is certified organic.  There’s only 6 ingredients in this one:  Organic brown rice, Organic corn meal, Organic evaporated cane juice, Freeze dried strawberries, Sea salt, Natural flavor (gluten-free, of course).

You can check out more info about this product on Attune Food’s website at 

Happy Eating!!  XOXO, Mara

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