New Subway Gluten-free Bread?

Have you heard all this commotion about some of the Texas and Louisiana Subway chains that are beginning to carry gluten-free bread?  What do you think about cross-contamination?

4 Responses to “New Subway Gluten-free Bread?”

  1. Helpfully they will train and educate their staff well. My wife recently got sick, because a local pizzeria had gluten-free crusts, the staff was still dusting them with flour to “keep them from sticking”

    • Mara says:

      The 7 Subway’s that I’ve been to so far have been extremely careful with the prep of the gluten-free bread.

  2. nonono says:

    That would be so nice!! When are they going to have gluten free in Florida?

    • Mara says:

      Not sure:( My understanding is that it was just a pilot program but not sure if or when they will go to other southern states.

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