The Side Over

Sean Leahy and Jeremy Spencer’s music has become a warm and familiar sound in West Kerry Ireland over the last few years. They have a strong connection to the music of the area, which is fantastically obvious to the listen on this, their debut album “The Side Over“. Sean’s rhythms and grooves are as natural to him as breathing, coupled with Jeremy’s strong traditional style and gorgeous melodic variations, it’s mix that makes perfect musical sense. On listening to Jeremy and Sean play together, their connection, both as friends and musicians sing out in every note they play. From West Kerry and beyond, their genuine love and deep appreciation of Irish music can be clearly heard. With Donogh Hennessy sharing his wealth of experience from engineering to arranging, they have created an album that represents them beautifully. Sean and Jeremy have an eye on the past while looking to the future, putting their own unique stamp on the tradition.

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