Mara’s Gluten-Free Adventures

Is it possible to travel around the world on a gluten-free diet?


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  1. m j land says:


  2. paul says:

    been waiting for ages….. are u guys still working on the videos?????

    have u got a release date???

  3. Alice Andrews says:

    Mara, Congratulations to you and Kevin! This is a wonderful video and
    effort to educate. Besides that…..
    you are as lovely as your Mom!

    An old friend of Jack and your Mom,


  4. Mona (Blue Cross) says:

    This is a great video. Very inspiring! This is very educational for people that’s dealing with food allergies also. I’m going to try this with my grandaughther. She’s allergic to so many foods and I believe this might help her. Thanks!

  5. Leslie says:

    WOW ….So proud of you Mara. I am very excited for you Kevin. What a great good you have both done. I will spread the word for you guys and cant wait to see more!!! WTG Team Alexander!!!!!!

    P.s. So glad we did the lowlights…but you look amazing in the video.

  6. anne o'bryan says:

    Wow! Sooo proud of you two! So much great information and so professionally presented. Please continue with your work!

    And,since I AM related, I think you should have me come with you on your next travel!!

    Love you,

    Aunt Anne

  7. Sile Farrell says:

    I am blown away,just love the video can’t wait to read on and watch more. My day just just better.Thanks a million.

  8. Sherry Wax says:

    Great job you guys! Both of you are amazing!

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